[Cosmo-pl] 2015: ACFP w Wawa 11-13.05; Juszkiewicz w Wawa 24-28.08; Cosmo-15 w Wawa 7-11.09; Matter Deepest w Ustron 13-18.09

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We have at least four cosmology/astroparticle-physics meetings in
Poland for the northern spring/summer 2015, ranging from structure
formation through to astroparticle physics.

* Astrofizyka cząstek w Polsce w Warsaw 11-13 May 2015

* Juszkiewicz Symposium @Warsaw 24-28 Aug 2015 http://www.romansymposium.pl

* Cosmo-15 @Warsaw 7-11 Sep 2015 http://cosmo15.ncbj.gov.pl/

* Matter Deepest @Ustron 13-18 Sep 2015


* Astrofizyka cząstek w Polsce w Wawa 11-13 May 2015
The conference is organized under the auspices of the National Council
of Astroparticle Physics (Krajowa Rada Astrofizyki Cząstek), which
also acts as the Advisory Board.

Program committee:
     B. Czerny - chair
     A. Janiuk
     D. Kiełczewska
     A. Królak
     Z. Lalak
     P. Orleański
     E. Rondio
     L. Roszkowski
     (Warsaw members of the Council)

Local organizing committee
     Z. Lalak - chair
     J. Kalinowski
     M. Krawczyk
     M. Olechowski
     K. Turzyński

Talk submission deadline: April 19, 2015

More info: http://acp15.fuw.edu.pl/

* Juszkiewicz Symposium @Warsaw 24-28 Aug 2015
First Announcement:

1st Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium - 'The non-linear Universe'
Warsaw, 24-28 August 2015

We are organizing the First Roman Juszkiewicz Symposium, an international 
science meeting, focussing on cosmology and extragalactic astronomy, to 
commemorate the memory of the late Polish cosmologist, Professor Roman 
Juszkiewicz. We intend to start a cycle of events to be held every few years 
that will bring excellent researchers from all around the world to Poland for a 
science meeting organized in the spirit of Juszkiewicz.

The meeting will include a mixture of young and senior researchers and will be 
focussed on cutting-edge problems and open questions in modern cosmology, 
extragalactic astronomy and high-energy astrophysics.
This year's inaugural edition of the symposium will be held in Warsaw from 24 
to 28 August 2015. More information will be provided soon.

Tentative list of topics:
- large-scale structure of the Universe
- CMB/early Universe/inflation
- galaxy clustering/velocity data
- Milky Way and Local Group
- modified gravity/ Dark Energy
- alternative dark matter models
- averaged non-linearities (inhomogeneous GR cosmology)
- galaxy formation (including active galactic nuclei and supermassive black 

We expect to open the registration in early April. More information on the 
Symposium web page: http://www.romansymposium.pl

On behalf of the LOC: Wojtek Hellwing, Agnieszka Pollo, Agnieszka Janiuk, 
Maciej Bilicki, Boud Roukema, Staszek Bajtlik, Maciej Cytowski

====================================================================== * 
Cosmo-15 @Warsaw 7-11 Sep 2015; 
The 19th annual International Conference on Particle Physics and
Cosmology (COSMO-15) will be held in Warsaw, Poland.

Starting as a workshop in Ambleside in 1997, annual COSMO meetings
rapidly became a major venue of interaction of theorists working at an
interface of particle physics, astrophysics and cosmology. Topics to
be discussed include:

     Dark Matter
     Dark Energy
     Inflation and primordial cosmology
     CMB and the large-scale structure of the Universe
     Primordial gravitational waves
     Particle astrophysics

More info: http://cosmo15.ncbj.gov.pl/

* Matter Deepest @Ustron 13-18 Sep 2015
Matter To The Deepest

Recent Developments In Physics Of Fundamental Interactions
XXXIX International Conference of Theoretical Physics

Every second year the Particle Physics and Astrophysics and Cosmology
groups of the University of Silesia, Katowice, Poland, organises the
International Conference on Theoretical Physics.  This year the
conference is organised jointly by the University of Silesia and the
Polish Physical Society.

The scope of the conference:

The heavy boson signal discovery at LHC in 2012 and its properties
found to be in agreement with the Standard Model Higgs particle put us
in a strange position. On one hand all existing laboratory experiments
are in agreement with Standard Model, with the exception of a few ones
where a tension at a level of three standard deviations is
observed. On the other hand the existence of dark matter, the
baryon-anti-baryon asymmetry etc. show that we need a model going
beyond the standard one. Yet, there is no guideline coming from
laboratory experiments, how to build such a model. To find the right
path, a wide effort is needed pushing for new particles discoveries
(may be we will see something during the next LHC run), better
precision in laboratory tests and closer cross links between particle
physics and astrophysics. We will address all these issues during the

The discussion is intended to be an important part of the talks. The
conference will bring together physicists from a variety of
backgrounds, both young scientists at post-doctoral level and senior
scientists. The conference is planned to take place in Ustron - a
small town located in Beskidy Mountains in the southern part of
Poland. Accommodation and lectures will be arranged in the same place
providing further opportunities for all participants to have informal
discussions during leisure time and strengthening personal contacts.

Main Topics:

     Tests of the Standard Model and its extensions at LHC and other
     accelerator experiments.

     New methods and developments in loop calculations and Monte Carlo

     Neutrino physics and astrophysics.

     Cosmology and astrophysics and their links with building and
     testing of the extensions of the Standard Model.

Dates:        from 13 September 2015 10:00 to 18 September 2015 20:00
Timezone:     Europe/Warsaw
Location:     Ustroń

Additional info:   http://indico.if.us.edu.pl/event/us2015

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