Boud Roukema boud_roukema w
Pon, 17 Gru 2001, 23:45:14 CET

Cze¶æ koledzy,
   By now you've had a short scientific introduction from Micha³ F.,
and I think you know, or if not, you will know after this sentence,
that Andrzej Marecki and I are working on an RLAGN project for
developing principles of techniques of detecting the global shape of
the Universe, according to the standard, hot big bang,
Friedmann-Lemaître model.

E.g. for a beginner's review see

Would the others be able to introduce yourselves? You can, of course,
find out who has subscribed using list commands (see HELP below), but
so far, the others and what seem to me to be their
cosmological/extragalactic interests are (in arbitrary order):

Sebastian - interested in OCRA (one cm array project)

Rafa³ - interested in cosmic topology (as a sideline)

Marcin/Motylek - interested in FRI/FRII evolution

Micha³ Hanasz - magnetic fields in low z (<< 1) AGN, but moving to 
                high z (2-3) AGNi ??

I'll be back in Toruñ in a few weeks time, and it would be nice to
have a face-to-face meeting, but in the meantime, could everyone just
say a few lines about their interests (correcting my above summary!),
and feel free to make meta-suggestions (about the list or about how to
organise discussions or work, whatever) as well as direct discussion
of science.



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