Marcin Gawronski motylek w
Wto, 18 Gru 2001, 13:06:53 CET

On Mon, 17 Dec 2001, Boud Roukema wrote:

Hi all

> Would the others be able to introduce yourselves? You can, of course,
> find out who has subscribed using list commands (see HELP below), but
> so far, the others and what seem to me to be their
> cosmological/extragalactic interests are (in arbitrary order):

 I think that it is a good idea, and and will introduce myself.

> Marcin/Motylek - interested in FRI/FRII evolution

Not only ..
You can add next scientific fields of research :
a) population of weak radiosources
c) origins of AGN's 
b) evolution of galaxy clusters and groups, and it's connection with AGN's

 I must notify  that from January to June I will be at JITRA in JBO, 
Macclesfield but I try to keep in touch with You.



PS: Could be Motylek if You wish .. :)

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