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Śro, 19 Gru 2001, 19:59:43 CET

Cze¶æ everyone,

>  Has anybody heard about estimations of black hole mass in normal nonactive 
> galaxies ?? 
>  I mean some names, papers etc. mostly about statistics of BH mass 
> distribution.

The first talk I heard where there was a strong claim that supermassive
BH's (SBHs) exist in *most* galaxies, maybe all, was a review talk at
the Kyoto (1997) IAU. The general opinion is that there is an observational
relation between bulge mass - of all galaxies - and SBH mass. The most
"late-type" spirals, which should really be called "disk" galaxies, 
have small bulges, and so are expected to have the lowest mass SBHs.

Observationally, the mass is between the velocity dispersion of the 
bulge "sigma" and the SBH mass (OK, that is not directly observed either).

Here's a nice long list. I wonder if something in the software between 
my computer and the final web archive will cut off the string which is 
longer than 80 characters...,2000,1999,1998,1997/0/0

I've picked what seem (to me) to be the interesting ones.

I remember that from astro-ph abstracts, there has been debate about
whether the relation M_SBH/M_bulge is linear (always about 15%) or
non-linear. Since almost no astrophysical mass relation has nice power
law indexes, I'm sure it's unlikely to be exactly unity, and more likely
to be a broken power law with two regimes ;-)  - the trick will be to
work out why, and separate the cosmological and non-cosmological parts...

I've ***-ed the explicitly non-AGN articles.

review,, Merritt \& Ferrarese Merritt

review  Kormendy \& Gebhardt  Kormendy "SBHs in Disk Galaxies"  
***I don't think these are AGN disk galaxies ;-)***

ApJ big paper Sarzi et al.

review Ho

debate back in 1997: really SBHs are just compact star clusters? Moffat

"Supermassive Black Holes in ***Inactive Galaxies***" Kormendy \& Ho
"Supermassive Black Holes in AGNs" Kormendy \& Ho

IBH (intermediate mass BH - exciting - it's a star cluster BH - 
suggesting that BHs form in star formation clusters and that some
may rain down into SBHs...) Ebisuzaki et al.  [XRay:(ASCA + Chandra) + Optical:Subaru]
X-ray Evidence for Supermassive Black Holes in ***Non-Active Galaxies.***
Komossa et al.

SBHs in AGNs vs ***non-AGNs*** Ferrarese et al.

Is there an SBH consistent with the claimed relation in the spiral M33? 
Maybe: Merritt et al.
No: Gebhardt et al.
(I find Merritt et al. more convincing.)

relation of SBHs and radio emission Franceschini et al.

SBH mass versus light concentration, Graham et al.

galaxy cores as relics of SBH mergers Milosavljevic et al.

limits on accretion rates onto SBHs  Matteo, Carilli \& Fabian

very nice link between planet migration, SBH mergers and AGN activity Gould \& Rix

Formation of Quasar Nuclei in the Heart of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies  Taniguchi et al.

g formation models  Haehnelt & Kauffmann

Thus spake God:  Silk

Thus spake God \& God (but there are apparently strong counterarguments):  Silk \& Rees

how black holes are fed Zhou, Haehnelt, Rees 

Thanks for asking for that. It gave me a good excuse to look up
some fun stuff which I'm not working on directly. Which will be useful
as a reference later on (if it's not outdated).

You'll have to do the work of finding the published references, at, not everybody takes the effort to add
these to astro-ph...



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