Andrzej Marecki amr w
Czw, 20 Gru 2001, 10:37:27 CET

Boud wrote:

> PS: Anyone on the list should feel free to invite others who would
> find the list useful. People can unsubscribe themselves later if they
> find there's too much mail coming through.

By the way: this is what I always wanted to know (but was afraid to ask before :-)
if "cosmo-torun" is somehow arbitrarily limited to domain and serves Toruń
people only or it actually means:


To be more specific:  how about inviting the cosmologists from CAMK, Warszawa
(Staszek, Ewa, etc.). Maybe you could just take the opportunity of sitting next to
them and talk to them. You know them better than I do so I leave this issue entirely
to your discretion.

What I particularly have in mind (if we decide to join the forces, of
course) is to organise such "one-afternoon-workshops" in the future
together with Warsaw people. (To this end sometimes they would come to
Piwnice, sometimes we would go to CAMK, or sometimes we could meet
half(?)-way, at CAMK-Toruń.)




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