ASTROVIRTEL: Third Call for Proposals (fwd)

boud boud w
Sob, 13 Kwi 2002, 18:07:13 CEST

I don't think we're ready for this yet, but feel free to
think about this. If anyone can think of a project, go 
ahead and write your thoughts to the list - be creative!
And don't worry about your ideas being crazy. Starting
off from a crazy idea and playing with it can often yield
a good idea... Which is better than no ideas at all...

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> Subject: ASTROVIRTEL: Third Call for Proposals
> Dear Colleague, 
> The ASTROVIRTEL Project, supported by the European Commission 
> and managed by the ST-ECF on behalf of ESA and ESO, is aimed 
> at enhancing the scientific return of the ST-ECF/ESO Archive. 
> It offers the possibility to European Users to exploit it as 
> a virtual telescope, retrieving and analysing large quantities 
> of data with the assistance of archive operators and scientific 
> personnel. The first two cycles of operation of the ASTROVIRTEL 
> project are almost completed and some interesting results 
> have already been achieved and published 
> [see] 
> We are now announcing the Third Call for ASTROVIRTEL Proposals. 
> Detailed instructions for the submission of proposals can be found 
> at 
> The deadline for submission is June 17th, 2002. 
> ASTROVIRTEL is an initiative financed by the European Commission under 
> the scheme "Enhanced Access to Large Infrastructures" and therefore is 
> open to European scientists from EC Member and Associated States 
> [for a list of these states, see 
> Do not hesitate to contact us if you need further information. The 
> ASTROVIRTEL email address is astrovirtel w . 
> Best regards, 
> Piero Benvenuti, Head / ST-ECF 
> Peter Quinn, Head / DMD 
> PS: Since we merged different mailing lists, it might happen that
>     you receive this email twice. Our apologies.
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