cosmo TCfA mailing lists - Witamy!

Boud Roukema boud w
Wto, 19 Lut 2002, 22:10:14 CET

Dear Anna, Magdalena,
   Nazywam siê Boud Roukema. I am about to start a job at TCfA to help
organise a cosmology/extragalactic research group. Sebastian just
told me that you are TCfA PhD students spending some time in JBO.

To help organise discussion about research projects and techniques
among us, Andrzej Marecki and I have started to create some email
discussion lists, which are archived on the web. If you look at the

you'll see that there are several lists which might interest you.
Since you are at JBO on a long time scale, probably the cosmo-torun
list would be the one most useful for you right now - but, of course,
you're free to subscribe to any of the lists.  The list cosmo-pl would
probably interest you too - for the moment there are no messages - it will
evolve depending on how people want it to evolve! (I mój po polsku nie
jeszcze jest wystarczy dobry dla dobrze dyskutowaæ w tej listy

So I've subscribed you both to cosmo-torun and cosmo-pl (using your
astro.torun addresses - you can still send mail to the lists from a
JBO address, but it requires an authentification key to avoid spam).
Of course you may unsubscribe if you think there are too many
uninteresting messages...

A very useful function is the archive - but since research ideas may
be discussed *before* they are published, there is (moderately)
limited access to the

archive. If you two and Motylek could tell me or Andrzej M (on-list or
off-list) the IP numbers of computer(s) at JBO you are likely to use
to access the site, then we would open up access to these IP #s. (The
other existing lists have unrestricted access.)



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