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Michal Frackowiak michalf w ncac.torun.pl
Sob, 2 Lut 2002, 12:50:26 CET

> (4) Moriond - The Cosmological Model 
> Les Arcs, France (March 16-23, 2002) 
> http://moriond.in2p3.fr/J02/
> I noticed there's special funding for East Europeans to go to this,
> and I don't know of many EE cosmo groups who could take up the offer...
> Polish people under 35 can also get funding under the "European" heading
> (see the page).

I dont know what infulence on the organizers you have, but all the
deadlines are crossed already, for registration and financial support. I
have registered and waiting for the decision about financing, which I
believe should come next week. But the meeting looks good anyway! There
will be some people from Warsaw CAMK as well.



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