spotkania cosmo-torun 21-25 stycnia?

Boud Roukema boud w
Pon, 14 Sty 2002, 14:26:28 CET

OK, thanks for the responses Andrzej. 
Could other people please say what their preferences are?

Andrzej, maybe you could drop by Sebastian's office, since he's just a
few metres away, and maybe even cross over to the optical building and
encourage Micha³ H and Rafa³ to say something?

Non-electronic communication is not forbidden ;-). 

It's even allowed for several people to gather around one terminal and
type a single collective response - whatever is most practical should
be encouraged.

But if people don't speak up, others won't know what they want!

Nawet mo¿e mówiæ w po polsku, najwa¿szy jest wyra¿aæ siê!



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