Updated programme!

Andrzej Marecki amr w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 21 Sty 2002, 14:53:31 CET

Updated programme!

== Cosmo-Torun Mini-Workshop  14:00, Wed 23 Jan 2002 TCfA ==

Welcome to the Cosmo-Torun Mini-Workshop. This is intended to help us
start to learn about each others' interests in cosmology and how we
can carry out research together. Please feel free to invite anyone
likely to be interested, and help them to access the page containing
this document! Background reading of http links is not compulsory but
would obviously help.

Date: Wed 23 Jan 2002, time: 14:00-17:30

Proposed programme, including links to background reading:

14:00-14:30  (5 mins presentation, 25 mins qns, discussion)
Michał Frąckowiak - A few words about quintessence

14:30-15:00  (5 mins presentation, 25 mins qns, discussion)
Sebastian Soberski - A few words about OCRA

15:00-15:30  (5 mins presentation, 25 mins qns, discussion)
Rafał Kosiński - A few words about cosmic topology

15:30-15:40 coffee/tea break

15:40-16:10  (20 mins presentation, 10 mins qns, discussion)
Michał Hanasz - Cosmic rays and magnetic fields - are they relevant for 
                galactic evolution?

16:10-16:40  (25 mins presentation, 5 mins qns, discussion)
Andrzej Marecki "How can we use radio-loud AGNs as probes of topology?"

16:40-17:00  (20 mins discussion based on points in msg00018.html)
discussion of the cosmo-torun list and related mailing lists

17:00-17:30  (15 mins presentation, 15 mins qns, discussion)
Boud Roukema "A Cosmic Standard Ruler"



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