spotkania cosmo-torun 21-25 stycnia?

Andrzej Marecki amr w
Pią, 11 Sty 2002, 12:05:31 CET

> (i) 

one afternoon 14h-17h30 meeting ?

> (ii)
> Mon 21  Tue 22  Wed 23  Thu 24  Fri 25  
> Which are impossible? preferred?

Thursday is not OK for me. All other days are fine.

> (iii) Please add + 0 - to the beginning of each line. You can add
> other lines for discussion if you wish!
0+ Rafał - cosmic topology? (Just say something about what you
++ Michał F - quintessence? Could you teach us something about quintessence,
0+ Sebastien - something about OCRA? What you are doing, what is planned,
+0 Andrzej M - non-topology work or topology work, as you like
               "How can we use radio-loud AGNs as probes of topology?"

0- Michał H - something about your AGN work
+- Boud - cosmic topology; cosmic standard ruler; or galaxy formation
0+ discussion of the cosmo-torun list, what do people think of creation
-0 development of cosmo-torun web pages - is anything needed yet?

Pozdrawiam, Andrzej

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