European Pdoc? (M Curie-Skl)

Boud Roukema boud w
Czw, 21 Mar 2002, 16:24:13 CET

Questionnaire for research institutions in Poland interested to host
Marie Curie-Sk³odowska postdoctoral fellowships

to be sent to ph3 w

Institution: Uniwersytet Mikolaja Kopernika
Institute: Toruñ Centre for Astronomy
Address: ul. Gagarina, 11, PL-87-100, Toruñ
Contact person: Dr Boud Roukema
Phone/fax: +48 56 611 3039/+48 56 611 3009
Email: boud w
Research field: observational cosmology
Working languages: English, French, Polish

Description of research topic/subject:

The postdoctoral fellow would be expected to carry out original,
independent research in any field of observational cosmology, and to
stimulate discussion of observational cosmology among faculty and
students. Fields presently being developed or likely to be developed
at the Toruñ Centre for Astronomy include constraints on local
cosmological parameters such as the matter density parameter, the
cosmological constant and the effective quintessence parameter, using
public archival data; attempts to measure global parameters via
topological lensing, using radio-loud AGNs, clusters and the cosmic
microwave background; and galaxy formation and evolution. Candidates
in other fields of observational cosmology are welcome to apply:
excellence and originality of research will be the primary criteria
for making a selection.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> cut here <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

[Comment to cosmo-torun group: This is an administrative request to
see if we can get some money for a European postdoc. Andrzej M,
Andrzej K and I thought it best to keep the subject open to any theme
in observational cosmology. I think we have till Monday before Wydzia³
Fizyka meets to discuss the proposals, so please make any comments,
criticisms, complaints, suggestions quickly!]


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