Another confirmation of the existence of dark energy.

Andrzej Marecki amr w
Pon, 25 Mar 2002, 12:40:51 CET

> But they need to
> justify their funding under the Rupert Murdoch/IMF/WTO/WB
> media/political regime which opposes rational discussion and
> balanced publication of empirical data... So we can't really blame
> them for struggling for survival!  And nothing seems to be incorrect
> in the RAS news release, 

Just to clarify this: what I disseminated was the part of service which is owned by Pole Star Publications Ltd.
and (apparently) *they*, not RAS, are responsible for making that
propaganda (or "propaganda"). I have no idea whether PSP is a part of
Rupert Murdoch/IMF/WTO/WB imperium as well I have no idea whether RAS is.


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