Another confirmation of the existence of dark energy.

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Pon, 25 Mar 2002, 14:23:45 CET

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Andrzej Marecki wrote:

> > Gary Mamon thinks we should spend some time in making propaganda,
> Well, you could simply react to what has announced
> and just write to them. If they ignore you then, indeed, they are
> probabably biased. :-)
> A.M.

Hi Andrzej,
    I agree with the idea of writing to them, but if we're going to
spend time on this sort of thing, then in order to minimise wasted
energy and avoid misunderstandings - or at least have a public record
of media relations - it would be good to have a dedicated mailing list.
There might be very few subscribers, but the important thing is to
have the archive. (I had this sort of idea earlier when Ken Grimes
and Alison Boyle asked about topology, but didn't think the question
would come up again this quickly.)

So... could you please create the following list, with a configuration
similar to the others (no access restrictions):

name: cosmo-media

purpose (short):
 For openness in interactions between TCfA cosmologists (including
students) and science journalists, either as subscribers or using cc:

purpose (long):
 This list is for discussions with the media on cosmology research
results.  Suggested usage is to cc: messages to the media to this
list, so that they know that the emails are on the public
record. Science journalists could choose to subscribe to the list, or
else to email to the list as non-subscribers and send confirming
emails each time. Any TCfA cosmology people - including students -
wishing to discuss with the media should feel welcome to use and cc:
to the list.


Any comments, anyone, on the suggested definition of the list?

BTW: I'm confused about your earlier message (but I'm restricting the
thread to cosmo-torun, I don't think it's interesting enough for all
Polish cosmologists ;) ...). On the page:

there is:

> New evidence: expansion of universe is
> accelerating
> Posted: March 22, 2002
> A team of UK
> and

Seems to me the RAS is responsible for the document.



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