jarek - grant application?

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 15 Gru 2003, 13:43:05 CET

hi Jarek (Rzepecki),
   Would you like to be included in our next grant application, on the
assumption that you are likely to start a PhD in cosmo at CAMK-Toruń
(or TCfA) next academic year? The SZ stuff can certainly be counted as
useful for topology in the sense that more precise SZ modelling can lead
to better values of the curvature parameters (via mass function evolution
a la Blanchard et al) and so constrain, e.g. the Poincare dodecahedral

You can see the discussion on our previous grant application here:


We're about to start discussing our next application this week, since
the deadline is (probably) the end of Jan 2004 and there's a lot of
paperwork to be filled out.

Anyone else who would like to be included (or excluded) from the application?

As i said in my previous email, IMHO this is astropolitics which does
not provide efficient positive/negative feedbacks (for example,
magister and PhD students cannot provide positive/negative feedback
despite their obvious scientific qualification, while senior
scientists who know less of the subject than students can provide
feedback based on intuition without having any public record of their
arguments or lack of arguments). But anyway, i think the consensus is
that it's better to apply for grants than not to.


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