grant meeting Fri 24.01 @14:00

Boud Roukema boud w
Pią, 24 Sty 2003, 02:45:14 CET

   people *not* on the grant proposal - please ignore this message!

people *on* the grant proposal - i think most of us will be at
Piwnice on Fri afternoon (24.01).

Could we meet at 14:00 to discuss the proposal? i've updated it
a bit since the previous version, i'll bring several copies to
the meeting.

You may wish to see advice from Kazik Stepień about making the

though IMHO what's most important, apart from the overall guidelines
of spending rules, is the committee of astronomers - they're the
only ones who will really understand (or who *should* understand)
what science we are asking funding for.  It seems to me that Kazik
is a bit worried about bureaucrats who want to have the price of
every paper clip written on the proposal and who haven't got the
faintest idea of what cosmology is about...

Anyway, see you this afternoon - i need some sleep...



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