PTA wrzesnia - can we have a cosmo session?

boud boud w
Pon, 9 Cze 2003, 17:30:44 CEST

   Would it be possible for the cosmologists in Poland to organise a
session during the PTA in September? Since many of us may be attending
anyway, we might as well do this in an organised and open way rather than
just as a random meeting among friends who already know each other...

My idea would be to use the mailing list

cosmo-pl w

so that everybody from Toruń, Warszawa, Kraków and other cosmologists
with Polish connections can coordinate, decide on a programme, etc.

I would be happy to facilitate (moderować) the discussions.

I guess the questions to the LKO would be:

(1) How much time can we have in total?  half-a-day? a few hours?
(2) Would a meeting in the full session be best, or would a parallel
session be better?

But they would have to evolve depending on how much interest there is
to Polish cosmologists. For the moment I'm only cc-ing this to cosmo-torun,
so that we have some "local" coordination first, before PL level coordination.

I'm not yet a member of the PTA, but of course I would be happy to become
a member.


PS: Is there an http: reference to the meeting details?


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