unofficial unofficial grant results :(

Boud Roukema boud w
Wto, 10 Cze 2003, 17:07:51 CEST

Hi everyone (on the grant proposal),
  The unofficial unofficial grants results are negative, sorry. :(

The official unofficial results should be found as Konkurs XXV here
within a few days:

And the official official results probably within 3-4 weeks.

i'll be in Blois next week:

but in July and August i'll be more or less in Toruń/Piwnice, though
probably working from home more often than from my office.

i'm not eager to do the paperwork again, but i guess the funding arithmetic
can be the same, we only need to change the scientific plan and translate
it to po polsku.

IMHO, it's probably not worth trying again in topology, i think we
should consider a plan which is more or less:

ArFus - galaxy formation modelling
 + SMBH merger models for inducing AGN formation
RLAGN birth, youth and death observational (phenomenological) population

Nothing will stop us doing topology anyway, and this sort of work is
something i think we should do anyway - it's the obvious way of combining
our best observational and theoretical experience on a subject where it
is certain that the objects of interest exist!

The difficult question is how Bartek can fit into this.

Bartek: any ideas? How about something like the reionisation epoch, around
z=10-20? Since WMAP, people are coming up with all sorts of stuff on this.

Hmmm... How about predictions for SKA?
 That should find star-forming galaxies
at redshifts anywhere around z=5-20, and SMBH and AGN formation around then
should certainly be affected by when and how reionisation happened, making
the link with RLAGN evolution modelling.

Anyway, please say what you think, is it realistic to do this during
July - including Polish translation etc etc - when everyone would rather
be doing theoretical cosmology in the warm sunshine outside?



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