magister course 2003/2004

Boud Roukema boud w
Śro, 12 Lis 2003, 16:16:22 CET

Proposal for Supervising Masters (Magister) projects at TCfA for
Nov 2003 - Sep 2004

Supervisor: B. Roukema (boud at

Number of students: up to 3-4 students is possible

Title: Observational Constraints on Cosmological Parameters

There are many possible projects which could be done as a master's
thesis project, in using publicly available archival data from
observational surveys to constrain one or more of the local or
global cosmological parameters, either those related to shape
(curvature, topology) or maybe also those unrelated to shape
("dark energy"). The precise projects would be chosen in discussion
with the masters students during Nov-Dec 2003. One example would be
further development and application of the "Dark Energy" software
package which has been worked on during the "Shape of the Universe"
monograph course:

- basic knowledge in astronomy, physics, mathematics, computing skills
- desire to measure something about the shape of the Universe
- willingness both to learn from and to teach others interested in
observational cosmology at TCfA
- willingness to learn the following practical skills: touch-typing,
emacs, \LaTeX, usage of mailing lists and wikis for communication
- participation in the "Shape of the Universe" monograph
course and/or Bronek Rudak's semester 9 "Kosmologia" course:
- nie ma problemu jeśli student magisterowy (jeszcze) nie dobrze mówi po


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