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Boud Roukema boud w
Wto, 14 Paź 2003, 17:50:23 CEST

Dear Łukasz,
  We have a draft version of a text here:

but clearly the po polsku is not yet correct.

It would probably be better that one of us corrects the po polsku
in order to avoid introducing scientific errors, but it is unlikely
that this will be ready by 18.00 today.

If you can wait till later in the evening, then maybe we will have
a better version ready for you.

Alternatively, you could just click on "Register" on that page and
make yourself your own username + password, then return to the page
and click on Edit. Make the language corrections, click Preview and
Save when you're happy.

I (and maybe some of the others) will check later this evening to see
if the scientific meaning is still correct after the corrections,
but I'll be offline for the next few hours.

Feel free to reply directly to our mailing list (cosmo-torun at

*** Please keep the URLs (http links), at least you may shift them as
references to the end of the article if you don't like them in the
middle of the sentence - the aim of an article about cosmology in a
major newspaper should not only be to "inform" readers, but also to
give the power to readers to *inform themselves*. By including URLs -
even in the paper version - some fraction (10-20%) of the readers will
be able to explore further and will have some independence both from
Rzeczpospolita editors/writers and from CA-UMK/CAMK scientists. Maybe
only 1% will really do this, but the principle of giving maximum
power to the reader is a fundamental part of intellectual freedom.


On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Lukasz Kaniewski wrote:

> Szanowny Panie doktorze! W zeszlym tygodniu w "Nature" ukazaly sie
> wyniki badan dotyczacych ksztaltu i rozmiaru Wszechswiata.
> Czy moglby Pan wyslac mi swaja opinie na temat tych wynikow? Prosze o
> kilka lub kilkanascie zdan - mailem, bylbym wdzieczny za szybka
> odpowiedz.
> Sprobuje zadzwonic jeszcze do Pan okolo trzeciej.
> Dziekuje - Lukasz Kaniewski, dziennik "Rzeczpospolita".

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