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Boud Roukema boud w
Śro, 15 Paź 2003, 15:59:40 CEST

On Wed, 15 Oct 2003, Michal Frackowiak wrote:
> Marcin Gawronski wrote:
> >On Tue, 14 Oct 2003, Boud Roukema wrote:
> >
> >>hi everyone,
> >>  i definitely think we should respond to this - but i would prefer
> >>it to be a collective response - there's no reason why only my name
> >>should be cited - e.g., we could at least have the official "team"
> I am SURE the data is not convincing. but people get excited even if
> there is only 1 sigma difference between theory and observations.
> theoretists have very little to do since everything matches perfectly
> and even 1 sigma is an event... in case of cmb and low multipoles - with
> a slightly different analysis it does not give such exciting results ;-)
> regards - michal
> forgive me but I am quite sceptic about this all.

i didn't put the following in the text since it's too subtle for a
general audience (requires explaining what spherical harmonics are
etc), but Efstathiou's increased quadrupole value provides a better
match to the Luminet et al quadrupole. :) Of course, the octupole
increases above the Luminet et al value. :(

In any case, (1) our journalist contact has already had the article

pA11 Rzeczpospolita 15.10.2003

and (2) he didn't include all our names and (3) he misspelt my first name.

However, given that he works for a "controlled" newspaper, what he
finally printed is probably not too bad in terms of - except that the
credit for our collective opinion all goes to me - how's that for
an example of intellectual capitalism...

As for the real science, i've been in cosmology long enough to remember
how many, many times cosmologists wrote similar words to "forgive me
but I am quite sceptic about this all" about a non-zero cosmological
constant. Until the years 1997-2000 when those people shrunk to a tiny
minority (including at least one highly respected cosmologist).

Only when the results are really solid will we know one way or the other
whether cosmic topology is still a useful subject...


Baud Roukema z Centrum Astronomicznego Uniwersytetu Miko?aja Kopernika

Hipoteza Jeffreya Weeksa i Jeana-Pierre'a Lumineta jest bardzo
interesuj?ca. Przyjmuj? oni za model wszech?wiata przestrze?
dodekahedraln? Poincarego. Niestety, nie mamy jeszcze do?? danych, by
stwierdzi?, czy hipoteza jest prawdziwa. To, ?e jest sp?jna, to za
ma?o. Mo?na poda? przyk?ad innej idei, przedstawionej np. w pracy
George'a Efstathiou (, wed?ug
kt?rej wszech?wiat jest du?o, du?o wi?kszy i niezakrzywiony. Ta
hipoteza jest tak samo sp?jna jak przestrzeni dodekahedralnej

W Centrum Astronomicznym Uniwersytetu Miko?aja Kopernika
przeprowadzimy analiz? hipotezy, korzystaj?c z tych samych
danych. Wykorzystamy te? katalogi galaktyk radiowych i
kwazar?w. B?dziemy bardzo zadowoleni, je?li hipoteza oka?e si?
prawdziwa. Na razie sprawa jest otwarta. NOT. ?.K.


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