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Andrzej Marecki amr w
Czw, 16 Paź 2003, 13:13:57 CEST

Boud wrote:


> i got all the credit for the whole group.

Very good, you deserve it!

On behalf of the other members of the group i just want to say that what
have finally went to press is reeeealy not bad. Well done, Łukasz! The most
important message that goes to the public from that article (apart from the
scientific content, of course) is that making science is - and always was
and always should be! - a DEBATE. So it is absolutely normal and desirable
that there is a lot of criticism whenever a new result is published. In
science there is no place for "because I say so" and there should always be
a plenty of room for "I don't believe it".

All in all it is very good that people have learned from that article that
there is "group B" that says "group A is wrong". It's very, very, very good
for science it works this way!!!!


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