multipole vectors - another hint for topology?

Boud Roukema boud w
Wto, 21 Paź 2003, 14:29:34 CEST

 ...We find that the result from comparing the oriented area of planes
by these vectors between multipole pairs 2 <= l1 != l2 <= 8 is
inconsistent with the isotropic Gaussian hypothesis at the 98.8% level for
the ILC map and at 99.6% level for the cleaned map of Tegmark et al. A
particular correlation is suggested between the l=3 and l=8 multipoles, as
well as several other pairs. This effect is entirely different from the
now familiar planarity and alignment of the quadrupole and octupole: while
the aforementioned is fairly unlikely, the multipole vectors indicate
correlations not expected in Gaussian random skies that make them
unusually likely. ...

If it's not topology, it's something else weird (politically incorrect ;)
that happened on near-horizon scales...



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