wewnetrzny grant UMK

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Wto, 17 Lut 2004, 23:51:47 CET

hi Andrzej (Kus),
   Apparently we need to spend 5kPLN of an internal UMK grant
money/application and decide by tomorrow?

IMHO this would be best spent on improving the computing facilities
in the student room in KRA.

If formally speaking this should be for a research project, that's no
problem - the whole existence of the internet means that students can
get a taste of research and be motivated to study questions of which
the answers are not yet known. As the students get to learn how to
program, find theoretical information and observational data, and
analyse it in ways they understand, they also will start contributing
to research (hopefully).

i meant to have a look at the computers with Roman before the new semester
started, i didn't realise it had already started. i remember some students
claiming not many of the terminals/computers were working properly, but
i didn't get around to checking specifically.

** It could certainly not hurt to buy another computer, which we can
put as cosmic topology research - or for Bartek and my dark matter
projects - but which i can set up for secondary usage by the students
who i'm sure can always use more cpu and disk space.

** Maybe also a DAT drive + a few dozen DAT tapes (to last several years)
for backups so that all the students can have a decent amount of
backed up disk space. KA&A seems to have more or less good student support
but we clearly are pushing the limits with the larger numbers of students.



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