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Pią, 26 Mar 2004, 13:37:29 CET

Hyperbolic Universes with a Horned Topology and the CMB Anisotropy
Authors: Ralf Aurich, Sven Lustig, Frank Steiner, Holger Then

A Note on the Robustness of Pair Separations Methods in Cosmic Topology
Authors: A. Bernui, G.I. Gomero, B. Mota, M.J. Reboucas

The Foot et al papers on mirror matter as a dark matter candidate are
also starting to sound convincing (at least from the abstracts).

Now it sounds like they get a good match for explaining
the relative values of Omega_b  and Omega_m  which implies a 1ev energy
scale and hints at a connection with neutrino oscillations:


Any comments, Bartek?



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