fealpix vs healpix - it stinks for me

Michal Frackowiak michalf w ncac.torun.pl
Wto, 16 Mar 2004, 12:40:43 CET

the last straw: what about pgplot? it is not "free". moreover, it is 
almost exactly as free as HEALPix:

"PGPLOT is /not/ public-domain software. However, it is freely available 
for non-commercial use. The source code and documentation are 
copyrighted by California Institute of Technology, and may not be 
redistributed or placed on public Web servers without permission. The 
software is provided ``as is'' with no warranty."

"The permission to use, without authorization to distribute, the HEALPix
software and its documentation without fee or royalty is hereby granted
to individual registered users
(see the HEALPix site http://www.eso.org/science/healpix)
PROVIDED that the preceding copyright notices
and the following statements are complied with:
- Applications are limited to non-commercial and not-for-profit purposes.
- An appropriate acknowledgment is included in all publications
based on work conducted with usage of the HEALPix package"

there are only 2 differences: registration required with healpix (not a 
big problem, it is nice to watch as package spreads and I suppose I 
would do the same) and acknowledgment in publications (which is obvious 
for me).

so why do you not object using pgplot (you use it for every plot in 
"fealpix") but started this campaign with healpix??????


I realize the case is somehow over but your vision of free software 
really astonishes me. I also realize there will be no public response 
(in the sense of this mailing list) simply because there is not much to 
discuss and we have discussed some things at the last Cafe. I really 
hope all this is coming to the end.

best regards


Michal Frackowiak wrote:

> at least www.gnu.org works. To bring you more arguments WHY fealpix 
> does not come in the spirit of gnu, please see:
> http://www.gnupress.org/potentialauthors.html - Information for 
> Potential Authors
> and
> http://www.gnu.org/prep/standards.html#SEC31 - GNU Coding Standards
> more or less these are the things I have already pointed out. 
> including trolling about proprietary software.
> as you can see fealpix does not follow any of the gnu software 
> directions so all this rumor about making scientific software free 
> does not make any sense in the context of gnu. moreover it gives 
> people false opinion about gnu system and the gnu idea of free software.
> regards - michal
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