paper formally accepted

Andrzej Marecki amr w
Pon, 31 Maj 2004, 10:45:03 CEST

> Hi, our topology paper has now been formally accepted by A&A. :)

Also, as we all recall, the following proposal was announced on 24th May:

PROPOSAL: We will update the contents of the astro-ph version to be   
the exact version finally accepted (well, probably it will be formally
accepted by Mon 31 May) and make the comment:

"13 pages, 18 figures, matches A&A accepted version"

DEADLINE for comments (or possibly veto): Mon 31 May 13.00g

So... No vetos? If not, let's update astro-ph/04020608 tonight.


> Hopefully there'll be some new stuff ready in a week or so to
> start thinking about the followup paper.
> pozdr
> boud

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