[Cosmo-torun] copying algorithms: GNU Scientific Library vs Numerical Recipes

Michal Frackowiak michalf w ncac.torun.pl
Pią, 19 Lis 2004, 00:06:36 CET

even if you are a single developer a cvs is handful in a number of ways. 
  e.g. :

- you can always come back to the code for a specific date
- you can mark different versions with release tag and come back to 
("download") any of them
- you can make branches of code (ok, I never use these)
- you have all the development process in one place and can backup it easily

all the benefits come from the fact that cvs stores incramental 
differences of any change in the code you make. sometimes it is useful 
to come back to the code a few days ago. if you use cvs it is not a 
problem. if not - you have to make "backups" every few days or so.

and it is really not that difficult to use. there are some frontends but 
the commandline is also nice.

if you use c/c++ you could give a try to www.eclipse.org with 
www.eclipse.org/cdt plugin. it nicely integrates with a cvs system, 
debugger etc. it is a complete (and outstanding) development platform. 
free. ;-)


> As long as there's only a small number of developers, we probably
> don't need a cvs system.
> pozdr
> boud
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