[Cosmo-torun] copying algorithms: GNU Scientific Library vs Numerical Recipes

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Pią, 19 Lis 2004, 12:58:59 CET


On Fri, 19 Nov 2004, Michal Frackowiak wrote:

> even if you are a single developer a cvs is handful in a number of ways.
>   e.g. :
> - you can always come back to the code for a specific date
> - you can mark different versions with release tag and come back to
> ("download") any of them
> - you can make branches of code (ok, I never use these)
> - you have all the development process in one place and can backup it easily
> all the benefits come from the fact that cvs stores incramental
> differences of any change in the code you make. sometimes it is useful
> to come back to the code a few days ago. if you use cvs it is not a
> problem. if not - you have to make "backups" every few days or so.
> and it is really not that difficult to use. there are some frontends but
> the commandline is also nice.

Thanks for the motivation. It's on my todo list. ;)

> if you use c/c++ you could give a try to www.eclipse.org with
> www.eclipse.org/cdt plugin. it nicely integrates with a cvs system,
> debugger etc. it is a complete (and outstanding) development platform.

> free. ;-)

Free, but GPL incompatible :(


: This additional requirement renders the CPL incompatible with the GPL
: (in the opinion of Eben Moglen), though it is possible that a future
: version of the GPL will adopt a similar, compatible clause.

But probably the other reason for incompatibility is that it doesn't
sufficiently discourage non-free code:

: while still retaining the ability to use the CPL'd content with
: software licensed under other licenses, including many commercial
: licenses.

And then just to confuse things, the eclipse web site says that it's
using version 0.5 of the CPL:
(i haven't checked the source).

Personally, i'd put this on a "waiting to hear other opinions in
the free software community" list... But thanks for the suggestion

Meanwhile, i'll add anjuta, which is also an IDE, to my todo list:


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