[Cosmo-torun] Nature's News Feature: Science in the Web age

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Czw, 1 Gru 2005, 12:16:27 CET

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Science in the web age: The expanding electronic universe
Sarah Tomlin

Science in the web age: Joint efforts
At its best, academia is a marketplace of ideas. But many 
scientists are reluctant to embrace the latest web tools that 
would allow them to communicate their ideas in new ways, says 
Declan Butler.

Science in the web age: The real death of print
Despite clashes with publishers over copyright, Google's plan 
to make millions of books available online is turning the tide 
for efforts to digitize the world's literature. Andreas von 
Bubnoff tracks the demise of the printed page.

Science in the web age: Start your engines
Google has launched another challenge to commercial search 
services - this time aimed at scientists. But is the new 
engine running as smoothly as its fans hope? Jim Giles investigates.


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