[Cosmo-torun] Nature recommends Wikipedia

Andrzej Marecki amr w astro.uni.torun.pl
Czw, 15 Gru 2005, 11:35:18 CET

On Thu, Dec 01, 2005 at 01:54:18PM +0100, Boud Roukema wrote:
> Nice to see that Nature has discovered wikis and blogs, but it's rather
> hypocritical for them to say that wikis and blogs are a great thing while
> failing to make their own archives available for no-cost ("free as in beer")
> access on the web.

Let's hope it changes some time in the future. So far they published this
in the latest issue:


... and the last para of the above reads:

"Nature would like to encourage its readers to help. The idea is not to
seek a replacement for established sources such as the Encyclopaedia
Britannica, but to push forward the grand experiment that is Wikipedia,
and to see how much it can improve. Select a topic close to your work
and look it up on Wikipedia. If the entry contains errors or important
omissions, dive in and help fix them. It need not take too long. And
imagine the pay-off: you could be one of the people who helped turn an
apparently stupid idea into a free, high-quality global resource."


Also you can note that (at least) CfA UMK has a free access to new articles.


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