[Cosmo-torun] grant KBN deadline UMK wtorek 25.01 ?

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pią, 21 Sty 2005, 15:34:00 CET

  Circus time again! It seems to me that the KBN deadline is
Tuesday 25.01 for sending to the rectorat.

Do we try for a common grant proposal?

Or separate ones once again?

We have a cosmic topology result + other cosmic topology papers which
make the case for cosmic topology fairly strong, IMHO, and this
includes the topology-AGN connection.

Time is getting short, so i'll assume by default we make separate
proposals as we tried last year (unsuccessfully).

Hmmm, in the last round, there were three cosmo applications that succeeeded:

Demianski    200.000 zl
Juszkiewicz  411.000 zl
Lokas        102.000 zl

If we fail again, then IMHO it will be time to activate cosmo-pl w ..., this
is a community problem and will require a community solution if it remains


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