[Cosmo-torun] Why continue "Topologia Wszechswiata" research?

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pią, 21 Paź 2005, 11:25:49 CEST


"Why continue funding for cosmic topology research?"

The topology of the Universe (as an observational question) is one of
the most fundamental questions of observational cosmology: it concerns
the shape of the whole space-time that we live in. The Universe is
clearly as important as any object inside the Universe. Knowing the
"shape" of atoms, molecules, cells, mountains and continents is one of
the basic steps in understanding any of these. At the moment, all that
we are confident about regarding the shape of the Universe is a local
property: it is "nearly" flat on the horizon scale; we do not know its
global properties, such as its topology. Since the Toruń cosmology
group is one of the most active groups in this field, funding this
research topic is clearly a top priority.

Staszek Krawczyk asked me to write why "Topologia Wszechswiata" is an
important research topic which is "worth continuing", in 5 sentences,
within the next 10 minutes or so (and the 10 minutes are already up).
So that's what the above statement is about. (This is related to some
funding request. i've wasted enough time in KBN requests with zero
positive results, so if someone else is doing the admin/political
work, i guess i won't complain...)

Probably any feedback from cosmo-torun subscribers will be too late, but
here it is anyway.


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