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Czw, 22 Wrz 2005, 14:30:25 CEST

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On Fri, 16 Sep 2005, Andrzej Marecki wrote:

> The Editors of A&A published the following recommendation to the authors.
> http://publish.edpsciences.org/articles/aa/pdf/2005/37/aa441100f.pdf

Cool :).

The html version is here:

The idea is nice: structured abstracts. i've installed aa.cls version 6.0
on adjani. Or you can download from ftp://ftp.edpsciences.org/pub/aa/readme.html

The A&A structured abstracts will be phased in on a voluntary basis
during one year, and then there'll be a review to decide whether to make
it obligatory.

(2) http://arxiv.org/new/physics.html

* astro-ph  will be renamed to a "super-section" of physics, it will become

* there'll be four sections/categories, of which probably two are
  interesting to us:

physics.AC = cosmology
physics.AG = galaxies including AGNs

* It's not stated on the page, but i assume that backwards
compatibility will be retained, i.e. aliases will exist so that links
to ".../astro-ph/ " will still work.

i guess that the stellar people who don't like astro-ph might be even
more discouraged from using it if they have to accept (by this new
naming structure) that stellar astronomy is a subset of physics :P.


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