[Cosmo-torun] Re: [Cosmo-media] the shape of the universe (fwd)

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Czw, 16 Lut 2006, 15:30:08 CET

hi Andrzej, all,

On Thu, 16 Feb 2006, Andrzej Marecki wrote:

> Boud Roukema wrote:
> > We have a media question :).
> But what kind of media? DEPENDENT, commercial, global media!


>  > Remember the number one rule of the dependent media:
> > "anything you say may and will be misquoted against you".
> Right! So think *twice* before you start to talk to them.
> [...]
> >>I'm a physicist and scientific writer. Within the new project of Axel Springer
>  >>publishing house (editor of Newsweek in Poland and Die Welt in Germany)
> Not only, not only. "Die Welt" and "Newsweek" - hmm, these sound good
> and this is true but this is only a smaller part of the truth. Go to:
> http://www.axelspringer.pl/ to see how they REALLY make (LOTS of) money.
> In particularly pay attention to http://efakt.pl/ the most disgusting
> tabloid in the market in this country. Also, you might be interested in
> http://dziewczyna.redakcja.pl/ and http://popcorn.redakcja.pl/ the
> latter being just a complete bull... and rubbish.
> So as you can see they are liars! They say Axel Springer publishes "Die
> Welt" and "Newsweek" but they keep quiet they are No.1 brain washers in
> this country.

Well, i think there's plenty of evidence that Newsweek has been
involved in major brainwashing justifying massive human rights
violations - there's no need to look up its other publications.

> My advice: to keep your alter/anti-globalist's conscience clear you'd
> better... BOYCOTT Axel Springer and don't talk to them by the same token
> you don't dine at McDonald'$. ;-)

Well, i think it's good that you raise the question for debate - a boycott
could make sense if it's publicised and discussed and people understand why
it's being done. A boycott by just one person is not a boycott.

Our aim as a University is to research and disseminate knowledge about
all aspects of the Universe - including cosmology, physics, free software,
sociology, the arts, law and human rights violations. (We all specialise of
course, and in principle, we should all be freely exchanging our specialist
knowledge with other on arxiv.org, wiki pages, etc., though so far it's
not happening very much in UMK...)

Does refusing debate with organisations supporting human rights violations
support or damage our goals?

i'm not sure that i understand how refusing to answer will necessarily
help - a lot of the information in the wikipedia is from the CIA
factsbook (because they had the sense to make it available on a
compatible licence, probably public domain AFAIR) - yet i contribute
to the wikipedia and believe that this is a good idea. But this is only a
partial analogy, because the CIA cannot control the wikipedia :).

Anyway, i'm glad the question has been raised, let's see what others


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