[Cosmo-torun] festiwal nauk i sztuki kw 2007 - tzn TERMIN piatek 10.11.2006r.

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Czw, 2 Lis 2006, 13:49:44 CET

hi everyone,

Should we try to do a panel discussion on a cosmo subject at the 2007 
festiwal nauk i sztuki?


i could give my standard talk (updated) on cosmic topology, but it would also
be fun to talk on something different, e.g. .... (non-baryonic) dark matter.

Here's an idea (sort of inspired by Andzrej S's presentation earlier
this week): we could each present something which is a different aspect of 
non-baryonic dark matter:

Boud - very short review of evidence for non-baryonic dark matter
Andrzej Marecki - supermassive BHs in AGNs, possible relation with AGN life cycle
Agnieszka   -  Integral/SPI possible detection - show the SPI "first image of nbDM?"
Zbyszek - Can we detect cosmic strings? - can show some nice grav lensing A2218 etc.

This would of course require us to each be *very* short and compact,
preferably 12 minutes each rather than 15 minutes, in order to give the
audience time for questions.

DEADLINE: We have to fill out the form by Friday 10 November.

We don't have to actually prepare the discussion until March (since the Festiwal
is end of April), but we need to fill out the form now.

Co myślicie?

Bartek - if you're willing to sort out firewall stuff and install a
webcam, you could participate too through gnome-meeting and that way
we could have the whole cosmo group together :). It would make about
10 minutes each (5 * 10 = 50 minutes).


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