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Two interesting conferences in Marseille...


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Sur le web:

2. "Energetics events in the universe..." - Marseille, 25-28/06/07
4. "Towards the European ELT (E-ELT) - Marseille, 27/11-01/12/06

2. "Energetics events in the universe..." - Marseille, 25-28/06/07

25-28 June 2007, Marseille, France

This conference is aimed at reviewing the physics of energetic objects
and processes in the Universe, and their impact on cosmology and
cosmic evolution.

Scientific rationale:

Energetic events in terms of physical processes or specific objects
are incomparable tools to probe the Universe and its components.
They are  signature of dramatic processes in the primordial Universe
with gravitational waves consecutive to an inflationary phase or in
the present one with possible annihilation of dark matter.
They are bright candles, like SNe or GRBs, allowing to stride space
and look back in time on prodigious scales.
They are beacons whose light reveals both their hosts and matter
along their path. As such,  the aim of this conference is to explore
all these aspects  focusing on the physics of objects and processes
in the perspective  of their use for cosmology and cosmic evolution
(which are the titles  of our 3 sessions).

Sessions will be devoted to these topics with both reviews and short


Inflation as a paradigm is now part of the cosmological  model.
It is the most energetic period of the Universe. What is the  underlying
physics? What are  predictions like those e.g concerning  primordial
GW which renders specific models falsifiable? What are the  observational

* Pre Big Bang period,  inflation, induced primordial GW : Dr Mukhanov
(Munich University)
* Is inflation falsifiable with foreseen instrumentation ? : Dr  A.
Cooray (UC Irvine)

Dark matter is probably unavoidable from galaxy and cluster  dynamics and
LSS growth. It is still a challenge to know what it is,  and what the
different detection methods can do to identify its  nature. The theoretical
predictions and experimental perspectives  will be addressed with a special
attention on high energy  annihilation products

* Dark matter annihilation and its products : Dr P. Salati (LAPP- IN2P3)
* Complementarity between Direct and indirect Dark Matter  searches and
Collider Experiments : Dr Sadoulet (Berkeley)

Supernovae and GRBs are produced by the cataclysmic end of  stars. SN Ib/C,
SNII  and long GRBs are produced by the core collapse of massive stars and
are intrinsically linked. SNIa and short GRBs are  respectively produced by
the collapse of a white dwarf and by the  collapse of two neutron stars.
Reviews on the origin and on the  connection  between these different
phenomena will be presented. The  impact on the cosmological applications
of the long GRBs and SNIa  will be emphasized.

* The physical mechanisms at play in explosive stars : Dr P.  Meszaros
(Penn. State University)
* Supernova and GRB connection : Dr P. Mazzali (INAF - Trieste)


The recent acceleration expansion of the universe  has been put on firm basis
using SNI. Other probes are however needed  to perform precision cosmology,
in particular to higher z (are other  acceleration phases possible?). Reviews
will present the state of art  on how SN and GBR would be more and more
"standardizable " as well  as  a status on present searches and future

* Can we standardize the GRBs ? : Dr L. Amati (INAF - Bologna)
* Latest GRBs observations for cosmology : a status report and  future
prospects : Dr Berger (Carnegie)
  Towards a better SN standardization: beyond stretch and color  corrections :
Dr L. Wang (LBL)
* Status on present searches and observational perspectives in  using SN's
for cosmology : A. Ealet (CPPM-IN2P3)


Even more than QSOs, GRB seem to be the brightest  and most distantsources in
the Universe. They are thus suitable to  probe in details the intergalactic
medium at all epochs, including  the re-ionization, on which they themselves
impact. They are also  the  first star-forming objects, providing first hints
on the star  formation history of the Universe.

* Probing cosmic chemical evolution with GRB's : Dr Prochaska  (Lick Observatories)
* Impact on cosmic re-ionization : Dr Ferrara (SISSA)

Science Organizing Committee :

     * M. Boer (Observatoire de Haute Provence / OAMP)
     * B. Degrange (Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet)
     * N. Gehrels (Goddard Space Flight Center)
     * J. Hu (NAOC, Beijing)
     * P. Madau (University of California)
     * P. Natarajan (University of Yale)
     * J. Paul (APC/CEA)
     * S. Perlmutter (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)
     * M. Vietri (University of Roma 3)
     * D. York (University of Chicago)

Conference contact: marseille2007 w oamp.fr

Local Organizing Committee:

     * S. Basa (LAM)
     * J.P. Kneib (LAM)
     * V. Le Brun (LAM)
     * R. Malina (LAM)
     * A. Mazure (LAM)
     * C. Marinoni (CPT)
     * C. Tao (CPPM)

4. "Towards the European ELT (E-ELT) - Marseille, 27/11-01/12/06

Towards the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT) - Marseille, Nov.
27 - Dec 01

The conference includes a presentation of the E-ELT project status by
ESO and two sessions dedicated to ELT science and instrumentation. The
scientific organizers of the conference are ESO, LAM and OPTICON.

Deadlines for abstract submission and funding requests is September
30th. People are advised to book their hotels as soon as possible.

The conference venue is Marseille, Palais du Pharo.

See the web site of the conference for further details at

--> http://www.elt2006.org


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