[Cosmo-torun] Canaries CMB winter school 19-30 November 2007 - deadline 30 June

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Wto, 26 Cze 2007, 13:30:07 CEST

hi cosmo-torun

There is an interesting winter school on the CMB - 19-30 November 2007:


The only difficult (strange) thing is that you must apply before 30 June,
i.e. just a few days away!!! which is 6 months in advance.

> Those interested in attending the WS should send a Curriculum Vitae, a
> short summary of their current research project and a letter of
> reference from their thesis advisor, or Head of Department, by filling
> out the web forms in above links or by mailing to the address
> below. These should reach the IAC before June 30th. Selected
> candidates will be informed by September 7th.

My guess is they probably need to apply for funding or pay something in
advance, but they also ask for 1300 euros registration fee - this includes
accommodation for 13 days. A normal registration fee for a big
conference can easily be 300 euros, so this would make about 77 euros/day
for accommodation (including food - "full-board").

Sounds strange and expensive to me. But if someone wants to go and can get
funding, it could be a good winter school.


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