[Cosmo-torun] Verschuur [0704.1125] HI correlates with 1deg scale WMAP hot spots?

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Czw, 17 Maj 2007, 17:06:20 CEST

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  High Galactic latitude interstellar neutral hydrogen (HI)
structure and associated acoustic-scale WMAP hot spots

Authors:	Gerrit L. Verschuur

Associations have been found between interstellar neutral hydrogen
(HI) emission morphology and small-scale structure observed by the
Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) in a Target Area bounded
by l = 60 deg & 180 deg, b = 30 deg & 70 deg. ...

Is some part of the angular power spectrum at about a degree (first
"Doppler peak") due to interacting/colliding HI clouds around our


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