[Cosmo-torun] festiwal nauk i sztuki 2008 - DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION czwartek 22.11.2008

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Wto, 20 Lis 2007, 12:31:10 CET

witam cosmo-torun

The deadline for submitting a proposal for this year's Festiwal Nauk i Sztuki
is Thursday 22.11.2008.  FNiS2008 will be 24-27 kwietnia 2008.


Who is interested in doing a cosmo presentation? Agnieszka? Are you
likely to be available 24-27 April? Zbyszek?  Or maybe Helena - are
you interested? Or someone else?

My guess is the easiest thing is to keep the same title/content as
last year, since they remain scientifically valid AFAIK. If Agnieszka
at the last minute is not available, then Zbyszek or i can easily make
that part of the presentation (if you give us your pdf presentation
file :) - so the audience will still get a full presentation.

Last year we were Friday afternoon 20 April; i suggest we do the same,
this year ask for Friday 25 April.



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