[Cosmo-torun] Benasque - Glenn Starkman's presentation on S_xi approx 0

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Pią, 1 Sie 2008, 15:49:20 CEST

hi cosmo-torun,

Monday morning and afternoon discussion at Benasque were especially
interesting for us! Glenn Starkman pointed out how important the

  S_{1/2} approx 0

is. (Spergel et al 2003 definition of S_{1/2}, which we calculate with 
a slightly different version, S_xi in our new paper 
http://arXiv.org/abs/0807.4260 )

He argues that this was already noticed in *COBE* data.
Some of his talk is probably in:


He pointed out that it's not just low C_2 and C_3 which give low S_{1/2}.
In fact, at least up to C_5 is needed.

Also, for a cosmic concordance infinite flat model, there needs to be
a conspiracy between the various low l's in order that *all* of them
are sufficiently low in order that the result is a low value of

The main suggestion from his talk to explain this was the general 
approach at making a relativistic version of MOND - TeVeS - rather than
cosmic topology - but the Aurich et al. PDS simulations suggest that the
PDS is a good candidate for resolving the "Missing Fluctuations" problem.

On Tuesday, Dominik Schwarz gave a very thorough talk on the Averaging

Some rough notes and/or pointers to speakers' articles which should
more or less match their talks are on the twiki:


pozdr z gor Pyrenees :)

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