[Cosmo-torun] or maybe not... sorry Re: cosmo workshop @14.00 Fri 12.12.2008 @KRA by Bartek Lew

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Śro, 10 Gru 2008, 19:34:14 CET

hi all,

i just remembered that at 13.30 Fri 12.12.08 at KRA we have
a more relaxed meeting for someone retiring.....

Since there's a student seminar at 15.00, i'm not sure there's
much sense starting this Friday, since we need at least
20-30 minutes for the basic presentation + plenty of free
time for discussion.  Maybe next week 19.12 ?
What do you think? Bartek, Agnieszka, Zbyszek?


On Wed, 10 Dec 2008, Boud Roukema wrote:

> hi cosmo-torun,
> cosmo workshop @14.00 Fri 12.12.2008 @KRA by Bartek Lew
> We are starting a series of work meetings: mainly me +
> Bartek/Agnieszka/Zbyszek.  People who are not yet at research level
> (e.g. younger students) or non-cosmologists are welcome to come along,
> but the main idea is not only to inform others what we are doing, but
> hopefully also to make concrete advances in our actual research
> projects. If i remember correctly, last time we had a meeting like
> this, Andrzej Marecki came up with an excellent, original idea, so
> sub-CMB extragalacticians are certainly welcome.
> i think Bartek's idea is right: if each of us presents our work once a
> month, then that makes for a meeting every week.  With the 4 of us
> thinking together, along with undergraduate students with different
> levels of interest and AGN people making useful comments, i think we
> have the potential to make a real cosmology group. :)
> Anyway, see you all Friday. :)
> pozdr
> boud
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