[Cosmo-torun] cfalib: we should get Krasinski - Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 7 Gru 2009, 13:47:44 CET

Hi Karolina,

Could we please put:

    Inhomogeneous Cosmological Models
    Andrzej Krasinski
    Cambridge University Press
    ISBN 978-0521481809

on our list of priority books whenever there's some budget money that
needs to be spent? (Sometimes at the end of the year there is money
that will be lost if it doesn't get spent.) It seems we don't have
this book anywhere in the UMK library system.

The Universe is certainly inhomogeneous - UMK would not exist if the
Universe were perfectly homogeneous (since LSS and galaxies and planets
would not exist). The question is not *if* the Universe is inhomogeneous,
the question is *how important* the inhomogeneity is, i.e. to what degree
assuming a perfectly homogeneous model and then adding perturbations is
a good enough approximation to reality.


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