[Cosmo-torun] Moriond 2010 Cosmology (fwd)

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Pon, 28 Gru 2009, 18:38:31 CET

Moriond 2010 Cosmology

Dear colleague,

The next Rencontres de Moriond meeting devoted to
will be organized in La Thuile (Valle d'Aosta, Italy),
March 13-20, 2008.

Registration is open on
where more details can be found
(including abstract submission)

The main topics covered in the conference are summarized
at the end of this message

  looking forward to welcom you in La Thuile,
   with our best regards,
    the organizing committee

1. Clusters / SZ effect
  Cosmology with clusters
  Optical detection and self calibration methods
  X-ray clusters
  Hydrodynamical simulations
  SZ Clusters
  Radio galaxies clusters

2. CMB / Polarization
  Polarization measurements

3. Reionization / Radio
  Numerical simulations
  LOFAR: foregrounds
  Other projects (MWA ...)

4. Dark Energy / Dark Matter
  Weak lensing
  Cluster Mass Profile

5. Dark Matter: accelerator searches
  Direct search at the LHC
  Direct search with underground detectors
  Indirect seraches (Fermi / Gamma-ray astronomy)

6. Theory
  Modified gravity
  Dark energy models
  Primordial universe / Inflation

7. Herschel
  Herschel Science Demonstration Phase Initial Results


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