[Cosmo-torun] cosmo workshop wt 14:00 27.01.09 B Roukema: 'a hint towards Poincare gravity?'

Agnieszka Szaniewska szachula w astro.uni.torun.pl
Wto, 24 Lut 2009, 13:11:41 CET

   Hi everyone,

> On Mon, 26 Jan 2009, Boud Roukema wrote:
> During the next few weeks we will have to see how many (if any)
> undergrad students are interested in wyklad/seminarium and at what
> knowledge/research level they are (new to cosmo or already done a basic course)
> and sort out days/times.  Based on what is officially on usosweb,
> i propose we start with:
> Fri 27.02.09 - 16.00 godz workshop - Agnieszka (to be confirmed).
> Agnieszka, you said today, if i understood correctly, that you can
> confirm during the next few days or so.  Please just reply to the
> public list once you have confirmation either way. :)  The idea of the
> talk is very much workshop-ish, describing the scientific aims and
> where you've got to so far and also where you haven't got to and
> also where people might be able to help with specific bottlenecks
> in your research.

   I'm not sure if I can come on Friday. I'll confirm/not confirm tomorrow 
evening. I don't know when I have consultations with the students.

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