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Pią, 27 Lut 2009, 15:28:14 CET

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* circular polarisation from synchrotron processes?

Kennett & Melrose, 1998, PASA, 15, 211 

> In some sources it may be that the relativistic
> particles are electron-positron pairs (e.g., Wilson &
> Weiler 1997). Electrons and positrons contribute with
> the same sign to the linearly polarized component and
> with the opposite sign to the circularly polarized
> component. If the distributions of electrons and
> positrons are the same the wave modes can have no
> circular component and, more importantly, the intrinsic
> circular polarization from the synchrotron radiation
> sums to zero.

So if we have different distributions of electrons and
positrons, then we get a circular polarisation component.

i'm sure there must be more basic texts on this subject...


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