[Cosmo-torun] (1) workshop 15.00 Fri 20.11.2009 - another way to select comoving 3-space; (2) Festiwal 2010

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Śro, 18 Lis 2009, 18:38:11 CET

witam cosmo-torun

(1) Research workshop!

    title: Another way to select comoving 3-space
    speaker: boud
    when/where: Friday 15.00 godz. 20.11.2009 @KRA.

This topic will be different to my Monday KRA seminar. My Monday talk
is about stuff on ArXiv.org and already peer-reviewed. Friday is for
research-under-progress presentation/discussion - that's the idea, after

(2) We have to announce FNiS2010 (science festival) proposals by
Monday 23 Nov!!!

Anyone interested in us doing something together, please speak up
quickly, and we can briefly discuss it on Friday face-to-face (or
tomorrow Thurs @KRA). Here's my proposal for what i'd like to talk


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