[Cosmo-torun] PROPOSAL: cosmo coffee workshop Fri 13:00 26.09.2009 - conference inspirations

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Czw, 10 Wrz 2009, 14:56:48 CEST

hi everyone,

i propose one cosmo coffee research-level workshop before the semester

    13:00 Fri 26.09.2009 @KRA

Unless there are other volunteers, i propose that we have 
a loose discussion based on what people find interesting
from these online conference notes:

http://cosmo.torun.pl/Cosmo/InvisibleUniverse2009 (done)
http://cosmo.torun.pl/Cosmo/GrassmannCosmoFun2009 (to do next week)

Bartek, Agnieszka, Zbyszek - if you take laptops to GrassCosmoFun or
otherwise have web access during the meeting, then feel free to add to
these notes. Having multiple wiki-edits of notes on a talk while it
takes place could be particularly interesting...


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