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Witam cosmo-torun,

As usual, there are many cosmo meetings in Europe this northern
summer. :) This is slightly edited from two French cosmo/extragalactic
mailing lists messages.


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1. X?me école de cosmologie
    5 - 10 July 2010 in Cargese, Corsica

2. symposium ?Fundamental Frontiers of Physics"
    6 to 9 July, 2010, Paris

3. The 14th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2010  - Chalonge
    Thursday 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 JULY 2010

4. 35th International Conference on High Energy Physics
    22 - 28 July, Paris.

5. 8th International Conference on Identification of Dark Matter
    Montpellier, July 26-30th 2010.

6. New Directions in Modern Cosmology
    from 27 Sep 2010 through 1 Oct 2010

1. X?me école de cosmologie

Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer la tenue de la  dixi?me école de
cosmologie intitulée "Le fond diffus cosmologique ? haute résolution
angulaire". Elle se déroulera la semaine du  5 au 10 juillet 2010 ?
l'IESC (Carg?se).

Avec le lancement réussi du satellite Planck, une nouvelle fen?tre
d'?observation s?ouvre en cosmologie. L'objectif scientifique de cette
école est de montrer comment cette nouvelle génération de données va
permettre la recherche de signatures nouvelles caractérisant les mod?les
d'univers primordial. Il ne s?agira pas de traiter les données de Planck,
qui ne seront pas publiques ? cette époque, mais d?'explorer les avancés
théoriques et phénoménologiques. On présentera la physique du fond diffus
cosmologique, en insistant en particulier sur les aspects nouveaux,
les plus pertinents pour la confrontation des théories aux observations.
Les cours principaux seront assurés par N. Aghanim (IAS) - J.F. Cardoso
(LTCI) - A.Challinor (DAMTP) - P. Creminelli (ICTP)  - E. Komatsu (TCC) -
J. Lesgourgues (LAPTH) - S. Prunet (IAP) - J.-P. Uzan (IAP).
Ils seront enrichis par des séminaires/cours annexes, des discussions
et des débats contradictoires.

siteweb : http://www.cpt.univ-mrs.fr/~cosmo/EC2010/EcoleLuminy10.html

NB : Le nombre de places étant limité, les intéressés sont priés de s'y
inscrire au plus vite pour que l'on puisse prévoir une logistique adéquate.

Les organisateurs  F. Bernardeau (CEA/DSM/IPhT) - R. Triay (CPT) -
F. Vernizzi (CEA/DSM/IPhT)

2. symposium ?Fundamental Frontiers of Physics"

The 11th annual international meeting ?Fundamental Frontiers of Physics?
will take place in Paris, France from 6 to 9 July, 2010.

The deadline for submission of an abstract is the 15th of June and for
early registration to ?Fundamental Frontiers of Physics?
is the 25th of June, 2010.

The Symposium develops around five themes:

1. Big Bang Cosmology / Dark Energy
2. Dark Matter/Astroparticles
3. Particle physics and Fundamental Interactions
4. From Intrication to Quantum Information and Quantum Gas
5. Epistemology, History of Physics

Parallel sessions will be organized as mini-workshops consisting
mostly of twenty minutes oral presentations.

Scientific Committee

A. Aspect, Institut d?Optique (Palaiseau)
P. Binétruy, APC, Paris Diderot University
E. Brezin, ENS (Paris)
F. Combes, LERMA (Obs. Paris)
J. Iliopoulos, ENS ( Paris)
J. Kouneiher, University of Nice/IUFM and LUTH (Obs. Paris)
M. Lachi?ze-Rey, APC, Paris Diderot University
J. A. Madore, University of Orsay
J.-J. Szczeciniarz, HPS, Paris Diderot University

Please visit the website of the conference for all relevant information


3. The 14th Paris Cosmology Colloquium 2010

Ecole Internationale d'Astrophysique Daniel Chalonge


George Smoot Nobel Prize of Physics and Daniel Chalonge Medal

Thursday 22, Friday 23 and Saturday 24 JULY 2010

at the parisian campus of Paris Observatory (HQ),
in the historic Perrault building.

The Conference is within the astrofundamental physics spirit of the
Chalonge School, on recent observational and theoretical progress on
the CMB, Inflation, astrophysical dark matter, dark ages, dark energy,
and the theory of the early universe with predictive power.

In summary, the aim of the meeting is to put together real cosmological
data and hard theory predictive approach connected to them in the
framework of the Standard Model of the Universe.

Topics: Observational and theoretical progress in the CMB, astrophysical
dark matter, dark energy, dark ages . Large and small scale structure
formation. Inflation in connection with the CMB and LSS data,
slow roll and fast roll inflation, quadrupole suppression and initial
conditions, low CMB multipoles. CMB polarization. Neutrinos in cosmology.

The Meeting is open to all scientists interested in the subject. All
Informations about the meeting and registration to it are displayed at :


Early Registration is strongly encouraged

The format of the Meeting is intended to allow easy and fruitful mutual
contact and communication.

Sessions last for  three full days in the beautiful parisian campus of
Observatoire de Paris (built on orders from Colbert and to plans by
Claude Perrault from 1667 to 1672). All sessions take place in the
historic Perrault building ("Bâtiment Perrault") of Observatoire
de Paris HQ, under the portraits of Laplace, Le Verrier, Lalande,
Arago, Delambre and Louis XIV.

An exhibition will retrace the 19 years of activity of the Chalonge
School and George Smoot participation to the School along these 19 years.

Informations on the previous Paris Cosmology Colloquia and of the school
events are available athttp://chalonge.obspm.fr (lecturers, lists of
participants, lecture pdf files and photos during the Colloquia).

Chalonge.Ecole w obspm.fr

4. 35th International Conference on High Energy Physics

La 35?me Conférence Internationale de Physique des Hautes Energies,
la plus importante au monde dans cette spécialité, aura lieu cet été
en France, du 22 au 28 juillet ? Paris.
A noter que les astroparticules et la cosmologie y seront largement
représentées dans une session dédiée et dans les exposés pléniers.
Site web : http://www.ichep2010.fr/


5. 8th International Conference on Identification of Dark Matter

This is the second circular announcing the
*** 8th International Conference on Identification of Dark Matter ***

that will be held in Montpellier, July 26-30th 2010.
We are glad to announce that we will extend abstract submission until
                        MAY 30th 2010

Please refer to http://www.lpta.univ-montp2.fr/idm2010
for further information on travel and accommodation, registration,
payments, and abstract submission. See also at the end of this email.

We encourage abstract submission from graduate students and
posdoctoral fellows.
We would appreciate if you could bring this announcement to their
attention, and diffuse it
to your scientific communities and research departments.

Looking forward to seeing you in Montpellier,
The local organizing committee

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions regarding IDM 2010
(idm2010com w lpta.univ-montp2.fr).


6. New Directions in Modern Cosmology

New Directions in Modern Cosmology
from 27 Sep 2010 through 1 Oct 2010

Scientific organizers:
   T.M. Nieuwenhuizen, ITFA, UvA,
   R.E. Schild, Harvard CfA
   F. Sylos Labini, Enrico Fermi Center, Rome
   R. Durrer, Univ Geneva

Aim and description

This workshop concentrates on the discussion of recent cosmological
observations which present challenges to the standard LCDM
model. These observations include: the large scale flows, the sizes
and amplitude of galaxy large scale structures, the systematic effects
biasing the analysis of CMB data and the lack of large-angle
correlations, the anisotropy of the Hubble flow, the evolution of
galaxy size, and the failure to find the sub-halo building blocks left
over from the primordial fluctuation spectrum.  Last and not least, it
is disturbing that in the LCDM model 95% of the Universe have not been
observed 'directly'.

While each of these observations can be seen as an anomaly that the
model would possibly explain, the bulk of them calls for a more
careful analysis of the model foundations, particularly the amount and
role of dark substances. From the theoretical side it is known that
the role of hydrodynamics can be more important that often
assumed. Moreover recently there has been a considerable theoretical
effort to develop a coherent picture in General Relativity which
appropriately takes into account matter inhomogeneities.

By connecting and discussing different approaches and results, this
workshop, aims to advance our comprehension of the large scale
universe. Progress can be hoped for by combining insights from various
groups of researchers studying different observational and theoretical
problems. The workshop offers a unique opportunity to discuss
conceptual and methodological problems of the present cosmological

Central questions are posed from observational and theoretical

- Galaxy Structures on large scales: How large are galaxy fluctuations
                 on 100 Mpc/h scale? Do we see the predicted
                 anti-correlations in the two-point correlation

- Is there a systematic problem in the CMB large angle correlations?
                 Is there true evidence for a galaxy-CMB cross

- Are large scale flows at odds with LCDM predictions?

- What is the role of joint effects of gravity and hydrodynamics in
                 the theory of structure formation?

- What is the role of large density inhomogeneities in General
                 Relativity? Which effects can be observed?

We of course cannot expect to obtain answers to any of those questions
during this workshop but we can discover how expertise from different
fields can be combined to fruitfully address them.

The diversity in the background of the participants guarantees that
new questions will arise and new approaches will be formulated. The
central role of the workshop will be to stimulate and coordinate this



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