[Cosmo-torun] Bolejko arxiv:1101.3338

Boud Roukema boud w astro.uni.torun.pl
Śro, 19 Sty 2011, 11:37:30 CET

hi everyone,

A different problem in using a more accurate metric than the FLRW
metric is how we interpret the CMB. The following seems to be the
first paper on this. Since "real" calculations are difficult, the
approach seems to be to test various toy model calculations that
at least show how much things could change compared to FLRW + 
Concordance parameter values.  The answer in this case is not
Omega_Lambda = 0, but since these are toy models, i don't think 
this is a claim that Omega_Lambda != 0. What Krzysztof does argue
is that  \Delta \Omega_\Lambda_{\mathrm{sys}} \gg 0.01.

The effect of inhomogeneities on the distance to the last scattering
surface and the accuracy of the CMB analysis
- Krzysztof Bolejko


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